Saturday, November 29, 2008

Battery Technology Advantages Beyond Auto Industry

I just read an article in the Wall Street Journal's Market Watch, about a new battery technology being developed for the purpose of storing energy from electrical grids. The new battery technology holds off peak electric for use during peak operation. This application could be used by individual companies to take advantage of cheaper off peak electric or used by the electric producers themselves. Wind turbine producers for example reach peak output at times that are incongruent with their customers demands. Utilizing this new battery technology would enable such producers to target customers peak usage.

Lithium ion batteries have already found their way into cell phones as well as power tools. As the new battery technology advances for the auto industry we can expect to find it's proliferation in applications not even thought of yet. Imagine what this new battery technology will mean for the power lawnmower. No more oil to fill, ignition, gasoline. Imagine a battery battery technology back pack which could be plugged into drill, wead trimmers, lights, radios, and computers. This new battery technology could revolutionize gardening and camping.

Today's thought challenge poll- Do you think that going green will improve life quality yes or no?

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