Monday, December 29, 2008

Top Ten News Stories of 2008

This is my list of the Top Ten News Stories for 2008. Now I need your help placing these stories in order. Choose your top three picks in the poll to the right. Unfortunately you cannot place them in order. You can choose more than three, but I basically discourage that. This process will work best if everyone chooses three.

Here is my list, if you would like to make additions place a comment and I will consider it.

Top Ten News Stories of 2008

Dick Cheney Approves Torture

Barack Obama Elected President

Financial Markets Collapse on heels of Housing Crisis

Barack Obama beats out Hillary Clinton in cliffhanger Prmary Battle

Recession Official

John McCain picks Palin as first woman on Republican ticket

Afghanistan war intensifies

Big Three Automakers go to Washington to ask for Bailout

Treasury Secretary Paullson receives TARP funding for Financial Sector

Federal Reserve Board lowers key discount rate to near zero

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