Saturday, December 27, 2008

When will the Recession End?

Well, the recession has been going on for over a year now, the housing crisis which started it nearly 3 years. The housing crisis of course began a monetary contraction, which essentially means that money is disappearing from the economy. The Federal Reserve which controls the money supply, has been acting to expand the supply of money, with loans to banks at near zero percent.

So, I keep hearing people talk about severe times coming, and I myself was in that crowd until recently. I can recall telling people 2 years ago, that the economy would fall into a recession it could not recover from until the Fed cut it's rate to zero percent. That time has come, but with mortgages known as Alt-a and others gearing up for a crunch later this year, many are concerned that the worst is not behind us. My own opinion on this matter is that money is being so thrown at this economy, that these Alt-A mortgages will be no more than a bumb in the road.

So here is your chance to have a say. Today's thought challenge:

When will the recession officially end?

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